Release notes for 1.2.6 (2015-01-31)

More bugfixes. We want to make 1.2.x stable soon.

For the whole list of changes and new features see the release notes for and 1.2.5.

New features:

  • New super-cool 3D preview for toolpaths!
  • New option for Z distance between object and support material
  • New option for custom G-code to be executed before each layer change (#2602)
  • New option for customizing overlap between infill and perimeters (#2459)
  • New “Set copies…” command in the objects contextual menu (#2540)


  • Support OctoPrint instances not running on port 80 (#2530)
  • Object parts can be selected also by clicking in the 3D scene
  • Empty STL files are handled gracefully (#2557)
  • Bed Shape configuration is available in Simple Mode too (#2574)
  • Last selected page is remembered when switching Printer Settings profiles (#2568)
  • Small artifacts in the STL file are removed so that they don’t propagate in perimeters (#2561 #2416)


  • Some default values were changed.


  • Fixed random crashes on Windows caused by a bug in an upstream library (#2517)
  • Fixed OctoPrint Test button not working correctly (#2526)
  • Fixed handling of presets with Unicode characters in filename (#2527)
  • Fixed Ooze prevention leaving extruders inside the skirt sometimes (#2103)
  • Fixed sequential printing performing the downwards move in the wrong spot sometimes (#2524)
  • Fixed rectilnear support material not being correctly aligned across layers (#2566)
  • Fixed random loss of infill in rare circumstances (#2539)
  • Fixed an issue when loading AMF files produced with older Slic3r versions that used per-material config options (#2522)
  • Fixed minor issue when dealing with files having empty layer at bottom (#2553)
  • Fixed crach occuring when skirts > 0 but skirt_height = 0 (#2537)
  • Fixed SVG export not centering viewport around objects (#2601)
  • Fixed output of –help containing wrong defaults for a couple options (#2541)
  • Fixed regression in Seam position = aligned (#2604)
  • Display size is checked before trying to restore last saved window position (#2600)