Release notes for 1.2.8 (2015-06-08)

More bugfixes. We want to make 1.2.x stable soon. Dear Slic3r community: thank you for your support, testing, reports and love!

For the whole list of changes and new features see the release notes for and 1.2.7.

New features:

  • Associate a color to each filament preset for quicker browsing
  • New experimental autospeed feature that chooses speeds automatically in order to keep volumetric speed and nozzle pressure constant; just set all speeds to 0 to enable it (#2810)
  • New Max Volumetric Speed config option
  • A new _[currentextruder] placeholder is now available (#2866)


  • Nice menu item icons :o)
  • When zooming in the 2D layers preview, zoom happens around mouse location
  • When loading too large objects, fit them to build plate and warn user (#2853)
  • Prompt user when trying to use 100% density with an infill pattern that does not support solid density
  • Cmd+, opens Preferences (#2860)
  • Prompt user when overwriting a G-code file during export (#2882)


  • If the –save command line option is called with no other config settings, the full default config is exported (#2110)


  • Fixed more situations where filenames and presets with non-ASCII characters were not handled correctly
  • Fixed one minor situation when gap infill was missing (#2560)
  • Fixed plater views not being refreshed after completing the config wizard
  • Fixed crashes on Linux (#2858 #2613)
  • Fixed concurrency issue when changing the number of extruders leading to slow GUI refresh or crashes (#2863)
  • Fixed concave vertices detection not working correctly for holes (#2857)
  • Fixed STL parser for handling more kinds of broken models (#2471 #2842)
  • Added an explicit close button to the About window as a workaround for lack of title bar in wxMSW and wxGTK (#2688)
  • Fixed bad handling of files with non-ASCII names during OctoPrint upload (#2827)
  • Fixed wrong number of raft layers generated in some situations (#2723)
  • Fixed the Repeat Last Quick Slice command being affected by plater changes (#2016)
  • Fixed small gaps between infill and perimeters when solid infill extrusion width is much thinner than internal infill extrusion width (#2895)