Release notes for 0.9.4 (2012-11-04)

New features:

  • ability to fill small gaps using multiple automatic extrusion widths
  • object information is displayed when double-clicking on an item in the plater
  • independently set number of top/bottom solid layers
  • descriptive textual feedback for cooling settings
  • allow _[print_centerX] and _[print_centerY] syntax for all coordinates settings (including bed_center etc.) and _[temperature0], _[temperature1] etc. for all index-based settings
  • new _min_skirtlength option to ensure that the specified amount of filament is always consumed while extruding skirt
  • (experimental) make a little move inwards by 30° before leaving the last perimeter loops


  • dual-extruder printing was tested and heavily improved
  • if brim overlaps with skirt, make brim around skirt too instead of just skipping skirt on bottom layer
  • paths are much smoother, without any artifacts
  • useless extra perimeters were generated sometimes
  • speed improvements
  • make external perimeter first on bottom layer when brim is enabled
  • distribute skirt loops among all extruders
  • remember last used filaments when using multiple extruders too
  • use a faster XML parser for AMF if available
  • don’t apply slowdown factor to bridges
  • make a slightly thinner interface layer at the top of support material (nophead’s idea)
  • expose perimeter/infill/support material extrusion widths in G-code comments


  • bottom layer infill is not taken into account for combination
  • use G92 to apply Z offset


  • tool number written in multi-extruder G-code were wrong
  • the Split button didn’t work anymore
  • first layer extrusion width was ignored for skirt and sometimes for other parts too
  • the copies number was not updated when decreasing parts in the plater
  • honeycomb infill was overlapping too much with perimeters
  • the plater was merging all materials into a single-material print
  • worked around a wxWidgets issue causing the last changed setting in the GUI to be ignored when saving the preset
  • bed temperature wasn’t being set after the first layer when first layer bed temperature was set to zero
  • fixed regression causing one perimeter to be generated even when perimeters were set to 0
  • fixed regression causing too much clipping at the endpoints of loops