Release notes for 0.5.4 (2011-11-30)

A new juicy release is ready!

New features:

  • distinct speeds for perimeters, infill, solid infill and bridges
  • warn about non-manifold or dirty models
  • allow solid fill layers to be zero
  • new –extrusion-axis option


  • high tolerance for dirty models; it will attempt to repair any missing layer (all Prusa Mendel parts now slice correctly!)
  • options on command line now override loaded config file
  • note used settings in exported gcode


  • all feed rate options were renamed using the word speed


  • concentric infill threw errors
  • plate was lifted erroneously at Z change
  • fill density = 0 prevented generation of extra solid layers
  • some bridges, when very close to other solid surfaces, could lead to overlapping infill
  • the extrusion width ratio setting produced wrong flow rate sometimes
  • removed sparse errors
  • could not read back a config file with empty start or end gcode