Release notes for 0.7.1 (2012-03-10)

New features:

  • new fan always on option
  • bed temperature control (first layer/other layers)
  • Growl notifications


  • some algorithms are now less complex (thus faster with larger models)
  • fill/perimeter contact is maximized for line pattern
  • slowdown is now triggered regardless of whether a fan is used
  • allow to use config options in start/end G-code, like for output filename pattern
  • throw an error if a user wants to print a 0mm layer
  • remove M82/M83 codes for Makerbot output


  • the Use relative E option is now back in the GUI
  • remove G0 from the GUI until most firmwares implement it
  • avoid G92 codes for Mach3 output


  • retraction wasn’t triggered when moving between copies
  • a bad “bridge fan end” string was sometimes inserted in G-code
  • fixed some fatal errors
  • fixed some bogus non-manifold errors happening with certain values of first layer height
  • infill extrudates were escaping perimeters sometimes