Release notes for 0.8.3 (2012-06-13)

This release aims to fix pending bugs and address stability. A number of contributors helped with patches and testing. Note: the Mac executable requires OS X 10.6. I’m working on a 10.5 package; meanwhile, Mac Leopard users can use 0.7.2b.

New features:

  • new advanced options to customize extrusion width for first layer, perimeters and infill
  • new separate speed setting for top solid surfaces
  • new algorithm to fill gaps (corners, little regions, vase walls only allowing for an odd number of loops etc.)
  • experimental support material generation for DLP in SVG export


  • better detection of thin walls
  • avoid perimeter collisions
  • accept both relative and absolute values for extrusion width, first layer speed, first layer height (relative values can be expressed as percentage, e.g. 80%)
  • allow to load multiple files at once in the plater
  • always ask confirmation when overwriting existing STL files
  • warn user when an object can’t be split
  • pass config options as environment variables to post-processing scripts


  • renamed “Perimeters” to “Perimeters (minimum)” to avoid confusion caused by automatic additional perimeters
  • renamed bottom layer speed to first layer speed for consistency
  • always set bed temperature after first layer if first layer temperature is set


  • fixed regression causing many bridges to be extruded with a wrong direction
  • fixed regression causing skirt to be limited to the first layer
  • fixed regression causing some models not to be sliced correctly
  • fixed regression causing SVG export to be incomplete
  • arc compensation was applied to non-circular holes too, causing them to be too large
  • retraction wasn’t triggered when moving between infill of different islands using low density infill
  • fixed slic3r-console.exe (on Windows) not working in previous 0.8.x releases
  • Z wasn’t lifted when changing layer
  • the preview area was not updating to the largest side of the build plate
  • the Export SVG… menu item was not working
  • Growl notifications now work from the plater too