Release notes for 1.2.7 (2015-05-23)

More bugfixes. We want to make 1.2.x stable soon. Dear Slic3r community: thank you for your support, testing, reports and love!

For the whole list of changes and new features see the release notes for and 1.2.6.

New features:

  • Added support for Machinekit G-code flavor.
  • Pan & zoom with mouse in the 2D Layers preview.


  • Load files into GUI when supplied from command line along with the –gui switch (#2644).
  • Better gap fill (#2560).
  • Simpler and more robust implementation of Extra perimeters, which are now added only when at least 30% of the upper perimeters loops will benefit from them (#2395, #2664, #2610).
  • 3D views are now synced (#2628).
  • Better and more robust implementation of Infill only where needed.
  • When using raft, First layer height is now validated only with nozzle diameter of support material extruder thus allowing the usage of a larger nozzle for it (#2701, #2722).
  • Support material layer height is used for raft layers instead of object layer height (#2723).
  • A [scale] placeholder is now available for filenames and custom G-code (#2791).
  • Better and more robust medial axis implementation for thin wall handling (#2800, #2829).
  • Brim and skirt are now rendered in the 3D toolpaths preview (#2649).
  • Speed improvements to Avoid crossing perimeters (#2777).


  • The [layer_num] placeholder now uses a single continuous series also when using interlaced support material layers (#2634).


  • Fixed crash occurring on version check on Linux (#2641).
  • Fixed buttons size on Linux (#2642).
  • Don’t use bridge speed for first object layer above raft when support_material_contact_distance > 0 (#2656).
  • Fixed upstream issue causing some infill paths not being clipped correctly to object contours (#2448).
  • Fixed regression causing [input_filename] and [input_filename_base] not to be available anymore in custom G-code (#1507).
  • Background processing was not restarted when the previous one failed because of a config validation error (#2633).
  • Fixed support material not always honoring the custom first layer extrusion width (#2662).
  • Fixed upstream issue causing shortcutting perimeters (#2639).
  • Fixed infill/perimeters overlap setting not correctly working in some edge cases (#2632).
  • Fixed first layer support material spacing (#2662).
  • Fixed too many skirt layers being printed when using tall skirts and support material (#2695).
  • Fixed regression causing failures in bridge direction detection (#2636).
  • Fixed Z clipping in OpenGL 3D rendering.
  • Fixed error in executability check for post-processing scripts on Windows (#2616).
  • Fixed temperature not being set correctly when using sequential printing (#2702).
  • Fixed potential collision when using wipe and sequential printing (#2691).
  • Fixed problems with non-ASCII filenames and directory paths on Windows (#2710).
  • Fixed layers view not being resized when inactive (#2708).
  • Fixed order of concentric infill loops.
  • Fixed object Z alignment after cut + rotate (#2724).
  • Fixed superflous and potentially harmful travel moves when moving between objects with sequential printing (#2691).
  • Fixed dirty filament options being ignored when using multiple extruders (#2740, patch by @markwal).
  • Fixed GUI issue in numeric comboboxes (#2752, patch by @markwal)
  • Fixed the Export G-code button not being re-enabled after a cancelled export job (#2754).
  • Fixed the object parts editor being opened in an invalid status until user clicked on an item in the parts tree (#2762).
  • Fixed regression causing spiral vase logic not to be disabled on layers with multiple loops (#2761).
  • Fixed Resolution option not triggering automatic reslicing (#2795).
  • Fixed wrong object positions caused by splitting a rotated object (#2772).
  • Fixed crash on Windows when deleting the first object part (#2774).
  • Fixed double or overlapping gap fill in some cases (#2836, #2474).
  • Fixed regression causing skirt not to be exported in G-code when Raft layers were used (#2843).
  • Added workaround for upstream wxWidgets bug causing numeric controls to revert their value on OS X (#2612).