Release notes for 0.5.6 (2011-12-14)


  • New extrusion math for more accuracy
  • Make sure there are no empty layers at the bottom
  • Don’t slow down retractions on bottom layer
  • Remember last opened directory (until application is closed)
  • Don’t die when config has unknown options
  • More STL files are now accepted


  • Default infill angle is now 45°
  • Default retraction speed is now 30mm/s
  • Comments in gcode must now be explicitely enabled with the new –gcode-comments option


  • Objects had slight dimension errors
  • Removed fatal errors thrown during infill (small regions and infill every N layers)
  • Fixed bolding and font issues on Windows
  • Removed fatal error when nothing in a single layer could be parsed
  • Duplicate was giving bad number of copies