Release notes for 0.5.0 (2011-11-13)

After 10 more days of work, a new release is out!

New features:

  • four new exciting fill patterns (including line)!
  • new algorithm for re-processing layers with dirty geometry, this makes the parser more tolerant
  • start and end gcode is customizable in the GUI too
  • new –retract-lift option to lift Z while doing travel moves
  • new –no-extrusion option to disable E codes
  • new –skirt-height option
  • new –first-layer-height-ratio option
  • new –close-after-slicing for easy integration with external programs
  • new –g0 option to output G0 for fast retractions (experimental)


  • perimeters are extruded at once for each island, saving on travel toolpaths
  • perimeters are extruded using a shortest path search, avoiding unnecessary travel
  • smarter toolpaths for infills with different density
  • multiply was renamed to duplicate
  • infill is now overlapped with perimeters by 15%
  • GUI was rearranged using tabs


  • fixed fatal error occuring on Windows
  • infill solid layers even when –fill-density is set to zero
  • membranes were not printed correctly
  • G2/G3 coordinates for experimental arcs were wrong
  • print first layer at Z = 1 * layer height instead of zero