Job Opportunities and Funded Development

Posted by Alessandro Ranellucci on 2019-04-25

In these years we’ve been receiving many requests for custom development related to Slic3r. Such requests originate from 3D printer vendors, manufacturers of other digital fabrication technologies (CNC, laser, robotics) or other companies. Whenever possible we try to write code that can be merged into the main codebase of Slic3r, so that the community can benefit from it: many important features of Slic3r were developed this way, thanks to sponsors and donors.

However the Slic3r core developers are not enough for accepting all such requests, and we often have to decline. We decided to share these opportunities with our community by seeking freelance developers who want to do paid work on Slic3r-related projects.

Please note that we are not a company and we are not hiring: we want to act as a hub that routes requests we receive to a handful of freelance developers who will deal directly with the customers. We will provide mentorship, guidance and feedback in order to understand the best way to fit requests in the Slic3r codebase and match the needs of the community.

Required skills:

  • good knowledge of C++ (no need to know Perl, all the relevant code is C++);
  • good knowledge of the Slic3r codebase;
  • good, provable, experience as open source contributor or maintainer.


  • experience with 3D or digital fabrication algorithms;
  • code contributions to the Slic3r project.

If you are interested in working with us, send an e-mail to