Here and there in the Slic3r community

Posted by Alessandro Ranellucci on 2012-01-06

Okay, Slic3r was born in September and in a few months I was able to bring it beyond what I expected, in terms of features, speed and stability. Things have started to change very quickly, and community is playing a big role in testing and discussing new features.

Slic3r forum was created in the official RepRap forums. Also, about 50 people sit in the FreeNode IRC #slic3r channel.

Some notable things appeared in the web recently. Neil Underwood (well known as Spacexula) posted pictures and a video of a print he did on the official RepRap blog. The first outstanding thing is that he reached a0.01mm layer height. The second outstanding thing is that he used Slic3r!

Richard H. (well known as Richrap) is posting a multipart illustrated Slic3r guide to his colorful blog. It’s a very good work, so thank you Rich!

Michael Andresen (well known as blddk) posted some screenshots to show differences between the various fill patterns available in Slic3r. Don’t miss the interesting article Gary Hodgson posted about new possible fill patterns.

Pointedstick (Nathaniel Graham) posted two good blog articles about high-resolution printing, in which he talks about using Slic3r: this and that.

Brazen Artifice posted a couple articles about retraction and preloading last settings.

Sparr posted a picture of an object he printed with and without enabling the native arcs support in Slic3r.

The good Kliment Yanev added an option to customize the slicing command in his excellent Pronterface, to allow for easy integration with Slic3r. (See the Slic3r README for guidance.)