Tip: printing with Bowden extruders

Posted by Alessandro Ranellucci on 2013-03-30

I learned that the main goal with Bowden extruders is to reduce the number of retractions in a print. Even fast and long retractions often leave blobs, so we have to fight those.

Slic3r 0.9.9 contains a number of features for that purpose. Here are the recommended settings:

  • avoid crossing perimeters (Print Settings): on
  • only retract when crossing perimeters (Print Settings): on
  • retract on layer change (Printer Settings): off

The first setting will also cause Slic3r to finish each island completely before moving to the next one, reducing the need for retraction.

Slic3r 0.9.10 introduced a new useful setting to avoid blobs upon retraction:

  • wipe (Printer Settings): on

These settings should help you getting good prints with your Rostock, RepRapPro, Ultimaker or whatever.

Thanks to SeeMeCNC and Wasproject who donated printers to test these features.