Release notes for 0.5.7 (2011-12-21)

New features:

  • Slice and save as… command to choose the output file name
  • Compatibility with Windows XP 64
  • Total filament length is written to the output file and showed on command line


  • Improved flow and overlapping for solid surfaces by using a better physical model in internal calculations; this gives muchhigher quality making it less sparse then it was before
  • Improved the slicing algorithm; this should reduce the STL warnings
  • Better overlapping for loops
  • Concentric infill now uses the adjusted flow spacing for better surface quality; it also starts infilling always from the center point.
  • Reduced packages size by 10-20%; they also launch faster
  • Always use rectilinear infill for internal solid surfaces
  • Limit skirt height to print height


  • Concentric infill was throwing errors
  • Extrusion was calculated incorrectly for clock-wise arcs when using the experimental –gcode-arcs option