Release notes for 1.2.1 (2014-11-07)

Thanks for the massive amount of feedback about all the new features in 1.2.0 (see release notes for the full list)!
This release contains many bugfixes but also some large internal refactorings, so help us test it.


  • A G92 E0 command is now always appended after G11 (#2201)


  • The experimental option –g0 was removed because no firmware implements G0 in a useful way.


  • 3D preview in Linux had visualization glitches because of faulty Z depth buffer (#2197)
  • Changes in the extruder count were not propagating to the plater tab, thus making impossible to choose filament presets
  • Enabling/disabling support material didn’t cause skirt to be recalculated in background
  • Changing number of object copies didn’t cause skirt/brim to be recalculated in background
  • GUI options weren’t enabled/disabled upon preset change
  • 3D honeycomb was not nice as intended because truncated octahedrons were stretched vertically (#1646)
  • 3D honeycomb didn’t honor Infill every ‘n’ layers (#2194)
  • 3D honeycomb wasn’t correctly aligned among skewed layers (#2194)
  • Concentric infill was generated with wrong collision check logic (#2194)
  • The Spiral vase checkbox couldn’t be disabled under some circumstances
  • Fixed regression in configuration wizard (#2210)
  • The new implementation for avoid crossing perimeters was crashing under some circumstances (#2271 #2266)
  • Bridge acceleration wasn’t applied anymore (#2296)
  • Bridge speed was not used for first object layer above raft (#2301)
  • Per-part settings were ignored in background processing (#2277)
  • Support material flow was not adjusted for each layer’s height (#2269)
  • Seam position = random didn’t work with a single perimeter (#2179)
  • Worked around a Clipper issue causing random crashes in G-code export on 32-bit platforms (#2306)
  • Slider controls were rendered with zero width on Linux
  • Choice fields were not populated correctly in object and part settings

Known issues:

  • When Lift on retraction is enabled and Z offset contains a value that is greater than the amount of the lift, an initial move will be generated that pushes the extruder below the configured Z offset (#2349)

This is how 3D honeycomb looks like after the improvements in this release: