Release notes for 0.7.0 (2012-02-25)

This is a very important update: don’t miss it and enjoy the goodies!

Major new features:

  • new rock-solid slicing algorithm, based on a topological approach, able to process efficiently a wide range of STL files without any warning
  • generation of support material (optionally, with a second extruder)
  • cooling and fan control
  • ability to read the AMF format

New features:

  • first layer temperature
  • support for Makerbot and Mach3 G-code flavors
  • duplication is performed on generated toolpaths instead of 3D mesh, resulting in a nearly-constant time for any number of object copies
  • infill and support material are multi-threaded, so they will take advantage of multiple CPUs/cores
  • support for custom post-processing scripts
  • new notes field in configuration profiles


  • uses 40% less memory
  • ability to load multiple config files using the command line
  • ask for confirmation when slicing more than one copy
  • contours and holes are extruded in the same direction (ccw)
  • skein multiple files with a single command from command line
  • some compensation for hole shrinkage

Minor improvements:

  • do not display the progress dialog as an application-wide modal dialog
  • Config files are now portable between Unix and Windows and allow for Unicode characters
  • added extrusion multiplier to G-code comments


  • models with rounded walls had small useless infill regions
  • small perimeter speed was applied to all holes too, regardless of their size
  • fixed some fatal errors