Release notes for 1.1.1 (2014-04-21)

This is anĀ experimental release. Help us testing!

For the full list of new features see the release notes for 1.1.0.


  • Faster loading/refreshing of presets (thanks sapir for the patch)
  • Faster G-code export
  • Preserve alignment of meshes when composing parts in the Object Editor
  • Better gap fill


  • Always complete one island at time (perimeter -> infill -> next island -> perimeter -> infill) instead of doing that only when Avoid crossing perimeters is enabled. This leads to fewer travel moves, faster prints and is more consistent with what already happens when a print contains more copies and/or objects

Bug fixes:

  • The Y coordinate of point config fields was not correctly validated
  • Crash when setting number of extruders
  • Crash when using multiple skirts with a single, non-zero, extruder
  • Incomplete/sparse extrusion on solid surfaces
  • The threads config option was not enabled anymore
  • Command-line –scale and –retract-layer-change options were not working properly
  • Presets were listed in random order
  • Pillars support material crashed when no overhangs were detected
  • Bridge angle detection was failing in many cases (thanks ledvinap for patches and debugging)
  • Linux packages for 1.1.0 were broken
  • Sometimes a tiny gap was left between infill and perimeters
  • Infill only where needed was not working properly anymore
  • Avoid crossing perimeters was not considering some possible routes
  • Default extruder was not applied to perimeter extruder
  • [filament_preset] placeholder (and other *_preset) was not replaced in output filenames
  • Crash when using concentric solid infill
  • Input fields had focus issues on Windows

Known issues:

  • An upstream bug in the Clipper library causes some random perimeter segments to be swapped in order (#1834)