Release notes for 1.2.0 (2014-08-03)

New features:

  • Incremental real-time slicing: when you change a setting, slicing doesn’t restart from scratch but only recalculates the affected parts. Also, when repositioning objects in plater or changing most options no recalculation is needed at all
  • Toolpaths preview
  • 3D preview of plater
  • Customizable bed shape (rectangular, circular, or completely custom)
  • New 3D honeycomb fill pattern (credits to David Eccles/gringer for his research work, #1646)
  • Rotate/mirror/scale around X,Y,Z
  • New XY Size Compensation option for handling dimensional tolerance
  • Separate extrusion width setting for external perimeters (defaults to a thin extrusion for better quality, while internal loops use a thicker extrusion for better adhesion)
  • Contextual menu when right-clicking an item in plater
  • New –split command line option


  • Avoid crossing perimeters is now much faster (but more work is planned on it)
  • Option controls are enabled/disabled dynamically according to their dependency from others
  • Perimeters of adjacent volumes having the same settings are merged
  • Skirt is printed outside brim to prevent conflicts (#2157)
  • Removed duplicated M204 commands (#2183)


  • A minor change was applied in flow math that should reduce thickness of external perimeters by 0.02-0.06mm thus reducing dimensional issues for holes
  • The “Combine STL files into multi-material AMF file” command was removed since the new Object Settings dialog provides a more flexible and interactive way for loading multi-part objects
  • Collision checks are relaxed when Detect thin walls is disabled, for faster processing


  • Some locale issues were arising when loading config files

3D plater:

Toolpaths preview:

Bed shape customization:

3D honeycomb infill:

Contextual menu:

Cutting plane: