Release notes for 0.9.7 (2012-11-22)

New features:

  • new distinct settings for support material speed and gap fill speed (the latter one allows to avoid resonance issues when printing the very fast zigzag paths filling thin regions)


  • solid fills and bridges are now filled better
  • reduced the amount of zigzag fills to avoid some shaking
  • expose any environment variable starting with SLIC3R_ as placeholder for custom G-code and output filename generation
  • allow setting top-solid-layers and bottom-solid-layers independently
  • use a new algorithm for simplifying the output G-code without changing the shape of the resulting object
  • avoid overextrusion in support material when user configured a too low support spacing


  • usage of G92 for applying Z offset was reverted as it needs more discussion for special cases that were reported
  • full configuration is appended to G-code files when the –gcode-comments (Verbose G-code) option is set
  • emit M106 S0 instead of M107 for Teacup


  • retraction wasn’t always triggered when moving between distinct objects
  • a bug in an upstream library (Clipper) was fixed that caused crashed when loading many STL files
  • AMF export was not working anymore
  • infill flow for bottom layer was calculated incorrectly when layer height != first layer height
  • object centering was wrong after rotation in the plater