Release notes for 0.9.3 (2012-09-27)

This release, and especially the work about support for multiple extruders, was sponsored by LulzBot. Check out their products!

New features:

  • print multi-material files!
  • save and load plates
  • new option to force a solid layer after a given number of layers
  • convert multiple STL files into a single multi-material AMF file


  • less memory usage when the graphical interface is used
  • rotation and scaling in the plater is a lot faster
  • better randomization for layer starting points
  • better adhesion of brim and support material
  • parts positions are preserved when an object is split in the plater
  • new _[printpreset], _[filamentpreset] and _[printer_preset]_placeholders for file names


  • use support material extruder for brim


  • only retract when crossing perimeters was still retracting too much
  • the –datadir command line option was ignored
  • support material extrusion width was almost not honored
  • apply the perimeter speed to single walls