Release notes for 0.9.1 (2012-08-09)

Wow - the 0.9.0 release produced an impressive amount of feedback. Here’s a quick new release for your summer.

This release and all recent work about support material and multiple extruders is sponsored by LulzBot. Check out their products!

New features:

  • retraction settings can be customized for each extruder now
  • a 64bit package is now available for Windows too (Win7 users will benefit from this)


  • allow exporting with the .g extension too
  • accept multiple –load arguments for GUI too


  • pressing the Enter key from the configuration tabs doesn’t trigger slicing anymore


  • exporting configuration produced unexpected/incomplete behavior when an external configuration was loaded before
  • saving a printer preset with less extruder than before resulted in the same number of extruders
  • skirt height and other options were limited to 100
  • random failures to load presets and config files