Release notes for 0.7.2 (2012-04-15)

We have a shiny new beautiful icon now! Thanks to Corey Daniels for designing it.

Major new features:

  • Honeycomb (hexagonal) infill pattern!
  • SVG export for DLP printers and other purposes
  • automatic arrangement for printing multiple copies of the same object (thanks Triffid Hunter for contributing this one)

New features:

  • new Reslice command in the File menu
  • customizable G-code to be executed at layer change


  • huge speed boost (20%-50%) and more parallelization of long-running algorithms
  • new implementation of support material generation
  • don’t slow down travel moves when cooling is enabled
  • new –threads command line option to set number of parallel jobs

Minor improvements:

  • enable G0 automatically for Mach3
  • allow decimal values for skirt/duplicate distances and speeds
  • added the coordinates of the first non-manifold edge to the warning messages
  • only output M109 if there’s none in the user-supplied start G-code
  • make sure all concentric fill loops are extruded in the same direction to prevent sudden changes of direction


  • –duplicate-x and –duplicate-y were merged into a single –duplicate-grid option


  • some holes were filled
  • the No Extrusion mode had no effect
  • use M109 for bed control (Makerbot)
  • use P instead of S for M106 (Mach3)
  • fixed some fatal errors