Release notes for 1.2.5 (2015-01-08)

More bugfixes. We want to make 1.2.x stable soon.

For the whole list of changes and new features see the release notes for and 1.2.3.

New features:

  • New option for generating volumetric E values. (#1746)
  • Each object in the plater can be exported individually by using a new “Export STL” command in its own contextual menu (right-click). (#2479)
  • A button was added to test OctoPrint connectivity on the fly. (#2509)


  • 3D view has nicer color and lighting scheme, and nicer details. It also uses less memory.
  • The motion planner that generates smart travel moves when Avoid crossing perimeters was improved in order to support many cases that were previously not handled. It also generates more straight paths.
  • Perimeter speed for nested islands are now supported properly.
  • The logic for travel moves/retractions/motion planning was rewritten in order to handle several edge cases that weren’t handled optimally.


  • The Vibration Limit option is now marked as deprecated. (#2483)
  • Mouse wheel zooming direction is now reversed. (#2478)


  • Fixed a timeout issue with OctoPrint upload. (#2481)
  • Fixed an issue causing some gap fill to be omitted in rare cases. (#2474)
  • Fixed an issue in admesh code preventing some rare binary STL files from being parsed correctly on Windows. (#2461)
  • Fixed an issue causing random loss of perimeter segments in rare circumstances (#2495)
  • Fixed artifacts being introduced in model when regenerating perimeters multiple times via incremental slicing (#2494)
  • Fixed an issue in the newly introduced pressure regulation feature causing too much retractions and lack of discharge at the end of the print. (#2470)
  • Fixed minor glitches in 3D view (#2482 #2454)
  • Fixed validation for sequential printing being too strict in some cases (#2480)
  • Fixed inwards move at loop end being still generated outwards in some rare circumstances (#2253)
  • Fixed the About dialog being too small on Windows (#2476)
  • Fixed ground alignment of exported STL files after XY rotation/flipping (#2512)