Release notes for 0.8.4 (2012-06-23)

The previous release contained a bug which caused blobbing on layer change, so you’re urged to download this one before yelling at your favorite slicing program!

New features:

  • new options to customize support material: pattern, spacing, overhang angle threshold, pattern angle
  • new option to disable the automatic addition of perimeters for sloping walls
  • new brim feature to improve adhesion (as requested by the community!)


  • support material now works with all geometries (not just flat overhangs)
  • perimeters now keep the full accuracy and resolution of the original model
  • honeycomb travel moves were optimized


  • skirt loops are now extruded from outside to inside
  • arc geometry compensation was disabled


  • any _retractionlift value different from “0” caused no retraction on layer change, thus blobbing
  • _first_layerspeed was accepting mm/m values rather than mm/s
  • some infill lines were not always connected near the perimeters
  • ratio inputs were not accepted on command line
  • ratio inputs were always converted to absolute values on config saving
  • when skirt distance was set to zero, the first loop coincided with the external perimeter of the object
  • first layer extrusion width was computed using general layer height rather first layer height