Release notes for 0.6.0 (2012-01-20)

After much work, a new beefy release of Slic3r is ready for download.

New features:

  • thin walls!
  • new¬†Output Filename Format option to allow for complex output filenames using option values (like_foo_3perimeters0.15height.gcode)
  • automatic retraction at the end of the print


  • much better overlap between infill and perimeters in those situations where previous version was still producing gaps
  • smarter order for hole perimeters to save travel and time
  • large internal refactoring (less memory and some speed)
  • bridges now have higher priority than other solid regions
  • loops are now closed better
  • use solid print speed for internal solid layers too
  • checkbox in GUI to enable comments in G-code
  • warn if no layers were detected


  • Windows package is now distributed as a ZIP file rather than a self-extracting executable


  • some island having no holes and contained in holes themselves were ignored
  • fatal error in arc detection code
  • wrong month number in output
  • small regions were infilled even with fill_density = 0
  • fill was escaping perimeters near some corners
  • other fatal errors removed, especially when dealing with dirty files