Release notes for 1.1.3 (2014-05-25)

This is an experimental release. Help us testing!

For the full list of new features see also the release notes for 1.1.0 and 1.1.2.

New features:

  • New Seam position option to configure the logic for choosing the start point of perimeters
  • New distinct speed option for support material interface
  • Most speed settings can now be configured for each object and and sub-part instead of globally


  • Don’t emit any temperature command if standby temperature delta is set to zero
  • Use last extruder’s settings when adding new ones (#1997)
  • Seam is forced to be aligned in spiral vase mode even when the original model hasn’t got aligned vertices to put it at (#2023)
  • Thin fill loops are started at the nearest point for minimizing travel (#1990)


  • Skirt and brim are now printed with support material speed instead of perimeter speed

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed several issues in perimeter printer order when overhangs were detected
  • Brim and skirt from previous slicing job were not cleared when disabled after it (#2024)
  • Excessive support material was generated when using both raft and support material (#2030)
  • Ooze prevention and Sequential printing generated excessively long travel moves which could easily go out of print area (#2013, #2007)
  • First layer extrusion width wasn’t affecting infill (#2042)
  • Incomplete config was written in G-code comments (#2047, #2032)
  • Config validation was not reported to user when using the Export G-code button in plater (#2046)
  • Don’t crash when loading config files with empty strings in multi-value options (#2003)
  • Thin walls forming a closed loop had overlapping segments at their endpoints (#1948, #1875)
  • Fixed minor issues caused by bugs in the upstream Clipper library (thanks Angus Johnson)
  • Wrong handling of large number of raft layers (#2041)
  • Crash when exporting SVG from object containing multiple islands (#2050)
  • Regression caused crash when splitting objects from GUI
  • Minor crashes in GUI