Release notes for 0.5.1 (2011-11-23)

10 more days and a new release is there!

New features:

  • if Temperature is set to zero, no temperature control will be added to the resulting gcode file


  • large refactoring of the bridging logic - all bridges should now be detected (although some work needs to be done on optimal infill direction); the quality of solid surfaces and regions near bridges and solid surfaces has improved a lot
  • use solid infill under pillars and small regions instead of using an internal low-density infill
  • don’t die on non-manifold models; always try to generate some output


  • print settings moved to first tab
  • M109 is used instead of M104 for temperature control


  • bottom layer speed was ignored
  • some solid layers were skipped
  • some ghost lines were extruded in open air outside the object when a 45° infill angle was used